Vattakkinar Residents' Association (VRA)

After the year 2000, there was a sudden spurt in construction of houses in and around Vattakkinar Area. With the advent of newer channels on the TV, there was also change in life style with the result that interaction between residents was becoming scarce. Even next door neighbours were becoming strangers. Coupled with this there was no improvement in civil amenities also. To remedy these, in the year 2006, some of the residents got together and it was decided to form an association of the people residing on the west side of Beypore Road lying between Vattakkinar and Meenchanda Railway over bridge.

In a meeting held on 26.11.2006, "West Vattakkinar Residents' Association" was formed. A set of office bearers under the leadership of Mr. Venugopal.A.V (President) Dr. P. Ahamed Koya( Vice President) Mr. P.T.Imbichammu (Secretary)Mr. V.P.Ramesh(Jt.Secretary) Mr. A.Abdul Azeez (Treasurer) and eleven executive committee members were also elected.

Speech on health and vitamin deficiency by Dr. Sasidharan
Vattakkinar Residents' Association organized a speech by Dr. C. P. Sasidharan, Professor and Head of Department of Medicine, Medical College, Calicut. He spoke on various issues concerning management of health and diseases.
He said that the root cause of all diseases is lack of balanced diet, lack of physical exercise, unscientific waste management system and lack of pure drinking water.

He pointed out that we have world class super specialty hospitals for treatment of chronic diseases, but we do not have a healthy atmosphere and proper system for prevention of diseases.

Speech on Music therapy By Dr. Mehroof Raj
Among other things a music therapy class by Dr. Mehroof Raj was an ever memorable event of the celebrations.

Dr. Mehroof Raj is a physician by profession. Presently the director of Wayanad Institute of Medical Sciences.

He is an ardent lover of music having deep knowledge and is one who seriously approaches the subject.

His presentation introducing various Ragas to the audience was a totally new and relaxing experience and enjoyed by all.

Well begun is half done, the saying goes. When Mr. Firos voluntarily took up the creation of the web site, and agreed to do it in a time bound manner, the only task remaining was to fix the date for the inauguration of the website.
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